Network Monitoring Software - Routing Table - PingCOPA

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This PingCOPA network monitoring software window executes a the DOS command line instruction:


route print


and displays the results. Clicking on the refresh button will update the display.

The routing table shows where IP packets will be sent.  A normal machine with a single network card will have a routing table that goes something like this...

Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
         20 See note 1         1   See note 2         20 See note 3         20 See note 4         20 See note 5         20 See note 6         1   See note 7



Note 1.


This is the default catch all.  Any IP addresses that do not match anything else in the table will fit this rule.  In this case anything that doesn't match any other rule will be handed to the gateway at to deal with


Note 2. is always your local machine.  Your local machine will deal with any data sent to regardless of it's real IP address.


Note 3.


Anything that matches 192.168.10.* is local to this subnet.  The network should be able to contact any machine in that range directly without the need for a gateway.


Note 4. is the address of this machine.  Any data sent to it is handled locally.


Note 5. is the broadcast address for this subnet.


Note 6.


Addresses to are reserved for multicasting.


Note 7.


Address is the limited broadcast address for your subnet.