Network Monitoring Software - Open Ports - PingCOPA

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This PingCOPA network monitoring software window executes a the DOS command line instruction:


netstat -an


and displays the results. Clicking on the refresh button will update the display.


This is very useful for identifying processes that are (or are not) going on with the computer, eg a mystery connection to a website initiated by malware for example.


The following information will be provided:


Protocol - TCP or UDP


Local Address - The IP Address in use on the local machine - network adapters can have more than one, and there are some local loopback and other addresses in use.


Foreign Address - The IP Address of the distant machine at the other end of the connection (TCP only, the concept of connections does not exist with UDP).


State - The current state of the connection, the main values will be:


Established - An active connection exists.
Close_Wait - The connection is no longer active, but has not actually been closed in case it is required again. It will close after a timeout.
Listening - This is an application on your computer waiting for connections from other machines. This may be to do with normal functions like file and print sharing, or could indicate some sort of malware.